This License Grants You The Non-Exclusive, Non-Transferable License.  Meaning your customers cannot sell the same rights they buy.

You may not mention the names Stephen Luc, as the authors or originators of this training in any way in your marketing, product redevelopment or use of this content.


What is the PLR Reseller License to the video courses?

The PLR Reseller License allows you to give the license below to your customers (non-transferrable rights means only you can do that).  You can freely pass the videos to your members with PLR Rights.

What is the PLR license to the video courses?

[YES] Can Be Offered as a bonus to Paid Product
[YES] Can Be Added to monthly Paid MEMBERSHIP or Training SITES
* If you have a membership site where people pay a onetime fee to get into
download 100’s of products, then you cannot include resell rights this
product in that bundle.
[YES] Can Put Your Name on the Sales Page
[YES] Can resell the video as is…
[YES] You can stamp your name on the videos, but you cannot sell PLR.

You CANNOT Give your customers the 1280x720HD files for editing purposes.
You CANNOT Give Transcripts
You CANNOT Offer in Dimesales
You CANNOT Offer These Videos in Firesales if there are more than 5
You CANNOT Sell Master Resale Rights to videos as is.
You CANNOT Give away resell rights for free
You CANNOT Give away videos for free
You CANNOT Claim Original Copyright
Repeat: You CANNOT Sell Private Label Rights


What are the rights of my customers’ customers?

Personal Rights Only.  This means they cannot pass on any kind of rights to their customers.


Are these video courses still updated?  What happens to outdated ones?  Do I get access to newer versions?

Good question.  Out of the 132 courses I’ve made with PLR resell ; 80 remain.  That means over 52 were removed.  Now while the concern sometimes that “This course maybe 3 years old” – Let’s be honest.  it doesn’t matter if it’s 3 years old – as long as the strategy still works we keep it.

For example, email marketing fundamentals are always going to stay the same.  Most strategies embedded in these courses are based on concepts we still use – even 1.5 decades later.  Now we do remove courses when the strategy dies or the platform isn’t supported say for example like Google Hangouts was turned off; so we had to remove that course etc

Yes sometimes we’ll release version 2’s if the PLR reseller monthly members ask and vote for it.  But that course will take some time to reach the marketplace as monthly members have an advantage.